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Let's get together and leave
better than we were before. 

Meeting Time and Location
Unless otherwise noted, MVVMA programs are held virtually via a Google Meet call. 


February 8

Top Ten Tips for Making Your Organization Attractive to Volunteers

Format: Presentation: Rob Jackson

Description: We'll explore ten key areas you can focus on to make your organization even better at getting great volunteers. From the importance of simply thanking volunteers to principles of leadership and why good customer care is important, this workshop will confirm some essentials and give you new ideas to try.  

March 14

Riding the Waves of Change

Format: Presentation: Nancy Gaston

Description: Trends effecting nonprofits and volunteering. 

April 11

What's in Your Toolbox? 

Format: Discussion/ Group Share

Description:  Come prepared to share with the group one or two things in your corner of the volunteer world that you find helps you excel in your work. 


May 9

Compassion Fatigue

Format: Presentation: Josh Graves 

Description: Effectively helping others requires giving of yourself and opening yourself up to understanding, service and often trauma transference.  Volunteers are just a susceptible to trauma and compassion fatigue as any paid position, yet often volunteers don't receive the same level of support, coaching and self-care opportunities.  Volunteer services must recognize that for volunteers to provide support, resources, care and compassion those volunteers must also be well supported, well resourced, cared for and shown compassion. 

June and July: Break for Summer!

September 6

August Social

Format: Group Gathering 

Description:  This is a fun, informal gathering where we can get to know each other a bit better. Stay tuned for more information about our September mixer.


September 12


Format: Presentation

October 10

Round Table

Format: Group Discussion

Description: Roundtables are an opportunity for all of us to come together to discuss relevant topics that are currently affecting our volunteer departments. These conversations are very fluid and we will have time for people to ask specific question that will help them get answers for their programs. 


November 14

Personal Kaban: How to Manage Your Workload for Greater Productivity and Less Stress. 

Format: Presentation: David Mort

Description: Do you get overwhelmed by the number of projects you and your team are tasked with? Do you feel like too much of your time is spent explaining missed deadlines, managing, and reprioritizing projects? In this session we’ll look at effective strategies to manage that workload in a way that increases your productivity and decreases your stress level.


December: No program. Happy Holidays!

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